PHP Unit Testing Framework 1
A Unit testing framework for PHP.
Data Structures

php_unit_test.php File Reference

Code for the implementation of PHP Unit tests. More...

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Data Structures

class  EventType
 Enumerated type to indicate type of event. More...
class  Event
 Stores test case result event details. More...
class  TestCaseResult
 Stores events for a test case. More...
class  TestCaseResultConstructor
 Constructs test case results. More...
class  TestCaseBase
 Base class for Test cases. More...
interface  Equality
 Interface for performing equality tests on objects. More...
class  CompareValuesResult
 Enumerate type for comparing values. See Assert::CompareValues (private function). More...
class  Assert
 Assertions that can be made in test cases. More...
class  TestCase
 Abstract class the unit test cases authors need to implement. More...
class  TestSuite
 Collects together test cases and enables them to be run together. More...
class  TestSuiteResult
 Stores the results for all the test cases. More...
class  TestRunner
 Enables the tests to be executed and a report produced. More...

Detailed Description

Code for the implementation of PHP Unit tests.

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A PHP Unit testing framework

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