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A Unit testing framework for PHP.
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TestSuiteResult Class Reference

Stores the results for all the test cases. More...

Inheritance diagram for TestSuiteResult:
TestRunner XMLTestRunner XMLTestRunnerWithStyleSheet TextTestRunner XHTMLTestRunner

Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 AddTestCaseResult (TestCaseResultConstructor &$result)

Protected Attributes

 List of all the test case results.

Detailed Description

Stores the results for all the test cases.

This class is to enable addition of test case results to the list. It hides this ability from TestRunner so that external developers of test runners are decoupled.

Definition at line 1539 of file php_unit_test.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( )

Constructs the set of test case results.

Reimplemented in TextTestRunner, XHTMLTestRunner, and XMLTestRunnerWithStyleSheet.

Definition at line 1546 of file php_unit_test.php.

Member Function Documentation

AddTestCaseResult ( TestCaseResultConstructor &$  result)

Adds a test case result to the collection.

[in]TestCaseResultConstructor&$resultTest case results to add to the list.

Definition at line 1556 of file php_unit_test.php.

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