PHP Unit Testing Framework 1
A Unit testing framework for PHP.

Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
AssertAssertions that can be made in test cases
CompareValuesResultEnumerate type for comparing values. See Assert::CompareValues (private function)
EqualityInterface for performing equality tests on objects
EventStores test case result event details
EventTypeEnumerated type to indicate type of event
TestCaseAbstract class the unit test cases authors need to implement
TestCaseBaseBase class for Test cases
TestCaseResultStores events for a test case
TestCaseResultConstructorConstructs test case results
TestRunnerEnables the tests to be executed and a report produced
TestSuiteCollects together test cases and enables them to be run together
TestSuiteResultStores the results for all the test cases
TextTestRunnerThis test runner generates the report in ASCII
XHTMLTestRunnerThis test runner generates the report in XHTML
XMLTestRunnerTest runner to generate XML reports
XMLTestRunnerWithStyleSheetThis test runner generates the report in XML and apply a style sheet to it
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